A property investment tool for financial freedom
A property investment tool for financial freedom

Written by Fiona Morris

9 October, 2019

A property investment tool for financial freedom

What will financial freedom bring you?

Ready for a property-investment tool that will revolutionise the way you invest in the property market?

The decision to invest in the property market is often about securing your future and attaining financial freedom. These lofty goals are filled with so much hope and certainty about where your life is headed.

But well-meaning plans of purchasing an investment property are always saddled with tireless work – countless hours trawling through property websites, visiting open houses and tallying up Excel spreadsheets to ensure the numbers are stacking up. Because when it comes to making property decisions, no smart investor is willing to play the guessing game.

Understanding the nuances of the property market, reading the data and being confident in investment decisions requires thorough research and the right tools at your disposal.

Imagine having access to powerful decision-making property insights right at your fingertips.

What if you were armed with the knowledge about where and when to buy? What if there was a tool that highlighted specific suburbs around Australia primed to be the next investment-property hot spots?

Now there is. The future of property investment is here.


But, what is TUDI?
TUDI is a property market prediction platform, powered by AI, big data and years of property analysis that was previously only available to professional investors. TUDI provides invaluable intel into the residential property market, making it more accessible to investors than ever before.

It utilises a complex algorithm combined with five key indicators to identify the next suburb Hot-Spots and buy or sell signals.

Five key indicators

  1. Buyer Demand
  2. Seller Confidence
  3. Rental Occupancy
  4. Positive Gearing
  5. Past Price Performance

Investors can weight these five key indicators to suit their risk tolerance and personal investment preferences. TUDI’s algorithm uses the matrix of preferences and key indicators to provide high-return and lower-risk options that are purely data driven.

This means investors can quickly and easily locate hot-spot suburbs, Australia-wide, that meet their investment criteria. It also means investors have access to a whole new world of opportunities they would have never realised without the power of TUDI.

Why put TUDI in your toolkit?
TUDI is like having your own personal property investment advisor, except it doesn’t overload you with opinions, biases or personal preferences. Instead, TUDI curates the best data into one place and then uses it to give you independent insights.

TUDI will showcase exactly when and where to buy in the hot-spot suburbs and highlight the right time to buy, hold and sell.

The guesswork, the hours spent trawling the internet hoping for a sign that you are making the right decision, and the stress of not fully understanding the property market – all of this will disappear.

TUDI will give you property market insights and invaluable decision-making data that will inspire confidence in your next investment-property decision. Because the better your investment choices are, the quicker those long-term goals of financial freedom will be realised. Subscribe to TUDI’s Free Plan to see for yourself.

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