At Ironfish, it’s our mission to help our customers achieve long-term financial wellbeing through smart portfolio investing. As an industry leader, with offices in 10 cities across Australia and China, we help new investors navigate their way into the property market and established investors gain access to quality investment opportunities and services.

We support our investors in acquiring a diversified property portfolio, backed by the confidence of the latest research. We know that property investment can deliver financial success. We’ve seen it happen for thousands of our investors over the last 11 years.

Central to our philosophy is our commitment to partnership – we’re in this together, and for the long-term. Our holistic and personalised service approach goes beyond property investment strategies and sales to include educational workshops, property management and mortgage broking. In addition to our 14 branch offices, we also have our own development arms in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.

By maintaining strong partnerships with industry and leading developers, Ironfish has VIP access to many exclusive property investment opportunities within iconic buildings and landmark housing developments across Australia; properties which we know that people will be proud to hold over the long term.

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